Imagine a world where you can engage in dynamic conversations with a live stock and options data dashboard. Help us build it. Join our demo group.

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Our innovative AI model utilizes a Supervised Live Option Flow Neural Network and is designed to continuously adapt and monitor real-time option flow for any unusual activity and is built on PyTorch, the same platform used by chatGPT.

Social Network

Set up your profile, connect with friends, share your insights, follow other traders, and build your own following. An excellent platform to both learn and exchange ideas.

Live Option Flow Dashboard

Once you gain access to the platform, you will have the opportunity to view a live option flow dashboard. You can examine sweeps and blocks across various exchanges, based on the live data collected by OPRA.

Build Your Own Algo

By developing your own option flow algorithm with no coding necessary, you can assess its effectiveness relative to other users' algorithms. If your algorithm ranks highly, it could potentially draw in more followers and enable you to grow your network.

Neural AI Model

You can obtain access to a transparent Neural AI Live Option Flow model, which is constructed on the PyTorch platform, the same platform as chatGPT. This AI model detects uncommon option flows and employs chatGPT to explain why an unusual alert was chosen or signaled in a conversational style.


Trusted by 1000+ traders

reviewer 1

This platform is incredible and not having access to what market makers are doing while trading is not advisable. It has completely transformed my trading game.

Hannah Fleming

reviewer 2

I couldn't have hoped for a better platform - it's exceptionally user-friendly and provides an all-inclusive experience. I personally enjoy checking option leaps to decide on the appropriate balance between cash and stocks to maintain.

Jane Doe

reviewer 3

Initially, I was skeptical when a friend recommended the platform, but I quickly realized how mistaken I was. Observing Smart Money's trades on this platform provides a safety net for my own investment strategy. The live data is absolutely superb.

Dean Dunning


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  • Social Network
  • 15 minutes Delayed Option Flow Dashboard
  • Build Your Own Algo
  • Neural AI Model


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$249.99 / year


  • Social Network
  • Live Option Flow Dashboard
  • Build Your Own Algo
  • Neural AI Model


Our ultimate product offering - Neural AI model

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  • Social Network
  • Live Option Flow Dashboard
  • Build Your Own Algo
  • Neural AI Model

Frequently asked questions

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How much does it cost?

Further details regarding our pricing tiers can be found in the pricing section, where we offer three levels: basic, professional, and master.

Can I use this product without signing up?

Indeed, you can take advantage of the complimentary features by simply setting up an account, with no need for a credit card. This account connects you with a community of traders who share similar interests.

Do you have 24/7 support?

Certainly, we provide round-the-clock support. We're always here to assist and welcome any recommendations for improvements or suggestions for new features you'd like to see.

Can I get a discount?

Indeed, by opting for an annual subscription, you will receive two months at no cost. Please refer to the pricing section on our website for details on annual billing.

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